Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Wonderfully Techy Term!

I feel so spoilt to have had such an exciting first term!

Do you remember this post about World Maths / Spelling and Science Day? Well, we took part and it was fantastic.  The Science Day didn't work too well as the site took very long to load, but the fun that we had on the other two days made up for it!

Then, this post about the Cultural Exchange Project was written when it was merely a plan within a plan. We are now well into it and its been going so well. We are looking forward to continuing with it after the holidays!  Today, we loaded the story of "What we did on the weekend" into Little Bird Tales! What excitement - so much of chattering. One very busy Grade 4 class - but they were stars!!!

Reading the points our Partner School posted
about themselves to us.
Then we had a nice surprise email from an International School in Switzerland to ask if our Grade 2's wanted to Skype Video Chat with them. Of course we thought that it was an amazing idea and said "Of Couse!"  They were studying Seasons and we had a list of questions from them to research. They asked us these questions and our children each had 2 turns to answer them.  The Grade 2's were very confident and we were very proud of them.  I learnt a couple of things about Skype video chatting though, more about the set-up and where to place the camera/screen. It was a learning experience for me and I loved it. I can't wait to connect with other classes around the world. 

Waving Goodbye after our Chat!

I am thinking that our Grade 7's study Natural Distasters in the 3rd or 4th term and maybe trying to connect them with classes in areas that have tornados or hurricanes or earthquakes. It would be interesting for them to create a list of questions to ask them.  Anyway - watch this space for that!

What a wonderful term!


  1. Hi Mrs G

    I'm also a primary school ICT teacher and love your blog! I also did natural disasters with grade 7's. I introduced the topic by showing them videos about various disasters, then they had to choose one and create a powerpoint presentation. I love your idea on skyping people that's been affected by a disaster(s). Please forward details to me, then I can look at adapting mine for next year.


    1. Hi Sharon!
      Thanks for your kind comment and I am so glad you enjoy my blog. :) I think we have the best 'job' in the world! Sounds as though you are doing great things there too!

      If I can give you any advice it would be this. Join Skype in the Classroom and you will find loads of educators and projects that you can become part of. I joined up with two last term for Peace Day projects. You can even initiate projects and invite others to join yours!

      The next piece of advice,if you haven't already done so, is to get onto Twitter and follow people from around the world who teach what we do. As you get to know them and trust them, you can begin engaging in projects with them too! Global Classroom always have wonderful projects going! Have a look at their Wiki here:

      Wishing you an exciting final term!


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