Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Our Intro To Glogster

Most of this term has been taken up with a fun Olympic project. How can one ignore this international event?

I involved Grades 4 -8, created an Edmodo group for them, and set up a project where they needed to source information about the Games, their origin and history. They also had to select an athlete and create a "Profile Page" on them and upload it to Edmodo for their friends to see. They had to watch their athletes events and record a radio broadcast as though they were reporting it live.

They really enjoyed this and it was fun seeing how everyone's enthusiasm was stimulated by who their friends supported.

The project is just finishing off now and as a 'finale' I have introduced them to Glogster.  Glogster is an interactive Blog/poster/pinboard in which you can upload photo's and video's. You can also do audio/video recordings.  You can add your own page backgrounds and animated graphics. The limit to its creativity is halted only by your imagination.  I think I had as much fun learning about it as I had teaching it to my children.

Here is my example that I gave them.  Enjoy experimenting with it yourself.

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