Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tagxedo in Oral Presentations

The Grade 6's are busy doing a project on tribes of Africa.

They have been split up into groups, according to the tribe they chose, and apart from having to do the academic research of information, they will have to submit a movie clip as part of the project.

The movie clip will be done by each group. One person in the group will be the interviewer, one the videographer and two will be dressed as members of their tribe. The interviewer will have pre-prepared questions to ask the tribe about who they are, where they lived, their lifestyles and other interesting information.  The movie will then be downloaded, edited by the group and later watched by the class.

There is also an individual Oral required by the learners - for this I will be using Tagxedo to help them with their prompting rather than cue cards.

Tagxedo is such a user friendly site and a really great Word Cloud can easily be made in a lesson with options of Themes, Fonts, Colours and Shapes - it really allows for the child's creativity to be seen.

The beauty of Tagxedo as a prompt in an Oral is the feature of putting your cursor onto a specific word (Koisan, tribes, locations, etc) and it will automatically become the dominant word - acting as a heading and reminding the learner of the information to be covered.

The Word Cloud can be saved online anonymously and the URL saved to retrieve the work when desired.

I'm looking forward to watching this Project unfold! I think it's going to be good!

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