Sunday, 30 October 2011

Saturdays Teachmeet

I was pretty brave, I feel, by accepting an invitation to put my name into the hat for the pilot Teachmeet in our area. I thought about the things that I had being doing in the last couple of months and wasn't too sure what I wanted to do. 

I happened to read Mark Brumley's blog about Flipsnack and immediately thought that I would like to share that.  I know this is fairly simple and not part of a lesson that I had prepared, but I saw, from an administrative point of view, for a school, what promise this tool offers.

Here is a quick Step-by-Step guide on how to upload to Flipsnack.

It's "flipping easy" to use and I have been uploading for a couple of days now!
Here is an example of how the finished product can look.

Flip your:
  • School Prospectus,
  • Curriculum Documents,
  • Any other documentation that you could upload to your School Website instead of a plain PDF

At the end of each year, why not collate all of your School Newsletters and create a "Yearbook" as I have begun to do here?

The end result is a beautifully bound book that looks like a work of art.

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