Sunday, 28 August 2011

Ancient Civilisations - Egypt

The Grade 5's have been busy with Ancient Civilisations this term and were required to present information on Egypt which would cover certain criteria.

As a way of doing something differently we decided to let them source some information and photographs and then record their information using Photo Story 3.

Since it was the first time the class would be using Photo Story there was a fair amount of nerves involved when they heard they had to record themselves speaking and then that the entire class would hear it too.

Prep prior to lesson:
Sourcing information and pictures relevant to use as an example of what is expected of them.

ICT Lesson 1:
  • Play the example to give them an idea of what they are aiming to achieve
  • Source pictures from Bing / Google Images
  • "Save picture as" in their designated folder
 ICT Lesson 2:
  • Import their saved pictures into Photo Story 3
  • Use the 'transitions / customising motion' to set up their pics in the correct order
 ICT Lesson 3:
  • The practise round of narrating: This was necessary, not because it was difficult, but because they got such a kick out of hearing themselves, some in a good way and some not so much! It was necessary for them to have a chance to get all the hijinx out of their system - the following week would be 'head down and narrate'.
 ICT Lesson 4:
  • This week, it was all systems go - the narrating went well, the children knew exactly what to expect and were able to really concentrate on their orals.

 Last week Mrs vdM brought the class through to the ICT Centre to assess and view their presentions. I was really proud of their first project done in Photo Story - and, the children really enjoyed it too!

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