Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Beginning of a Grand Adventure!

In June this year my life changed.

Maybe it would be more accurate to say that the way that I work changed. I attended a Conference where I met Educators and ICT 'guru's' faaaaar ahead of me in this journey. I felt slightly intimidated actually, and completely out of my depth. However, what I lacked in knowledge and experience, I think I made up for in passion and enthusiasm!

The week of workshops were fantastic. I heard about tools and apps that I never knew existed. I met people who were trying new ways of teaching and I wished that some of our Staff were with me so that they too, would feel as inspired as I.

In the months since the Conference, I have been trying frantically to check every resouce and link that is tweeted or blogged, with the result that I have had little to no time for anything else!  It's taken a few months, but I have come to realise that one cannot implement everything that one learns immediately. So I have decided to focus on a few new ideas and do them well, rather than rush around like a wild woman, trying to do everything at once. It's not a pretty sight!

This is pretty much how this Blog came about. I needed a place to 'record'  the ideas that I have heard about and loved, but may not necessarily have time to pursue right now. In this way, I won't lose anything, it will be here when I am ready for it and in the process, perhaps I can inspire others to try something new with their classes.

So, I am not expecting to be cutting edge here - I am following the cutting edge ICT people!  You will find ideas I have had from them, and some lessons I have tried, and possibly failed at, things I have learnt in the process and plenty of enthusiasm for the task.

This is the Baby-Steps Blog.... and one day maybe I will wake up with a huge shock, and realise that I have grown and am cutting edge!

In the meantime however, I am just excited about the journey!

So, then, let's take that first step.

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